Oldest European resident recovered from coronavirus before the 117th anniversary

The oldest resident of France and Europe, Andre’s sister, in the world Lucille Randon, suffered COVID-19 shortly before her 117th birthday, SİA reports citing Var-Matin.

The woman was diagnosed with coronavirus infection on 16 January at the Sainte Catherine Labouré nursing home in Toulon.

As the newspaper notes, Andre’s sister at first did not even realize that she was infected. Her illness was asymptomatic. The most difficult long-liver experienced loneliness on self-isolation and, as the representative of the nursing home specified, she “did not show fear of illness. However, she was very worried about the other guests. “

Lucille Randon was born on February 11, 1904. In her youth, she worked as a governess. At 41 she became a nun and got a job in a hospital in Vichy, where she helped orphans and old people. In 1979, she entered the service of the convent, and in 2009 ended up in a Toulon nursing home. Randon is the oldest documented woman in France and Europe.

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