Spain's largest glacier Aneto is in the 'terminal' phase

The largest glacier in Spain, located in the Maladeta massif, is melting visibly. Due to heat waves, the Aneto glacier, the most massive in the Pyrenees, is melting three times faster than normal, reports the Huffington Post THURSDAY.

According to the information obtained by SIA from foreign media, the summer season was particularly hot for Spain, who are already experiencing their third intense episode of heat wave since the beginning of summer.

As the records follow one another, with a peak of nearly 47 ° C in Valencia in the south-east of Spain on Thursday, the Aneto glacier is in the “terminal phase”.

In about forty years, the total surface area of ​​the glacier has shrunk by almost 65%. It also loses volume, the thickness of its ice having decreased by about 30 meters. Researchers warn of the situation, especially since beyond the heat which seems to condemn this glacier to death, it suffers from the presence of cryoconites.

Biologists who went near the glacier to study it have indeed discovered black mucus, reports the Spanish daily El País. It is a mixture of bacteria, archaea and dust that accumulates heat and accelerates the melting of ice.

The Aneto glacier is unfortunately not the only one counting its days due to climate change. In 2050, there will be no more glaciers in the Pyrenees.

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