Response to political leadership of Armenia for terror in Ganja to be harsh - Azerbaijan's Prosecutor General

Unfortunately, the criminal military-political leadership of Armenia again targeted the civilians of Azerbaijan, the General Prosecutor of Azerbaijan Kamran Aliyev said, SİA reports.

He made the remark at the site of destruction as a result of missile strikes by the Armenian Armed Forces on Ganja.

According to him, the Armenian side, unable to withstand the onslaught of the Azerbaijani army, is targeting the civilian population.

“We see that the Armenian army, which is defeated in the combat zone, is intensifying its attacks on settlements and, first of all, on civilians. This is a crime against humanity. The response to the political leadership of Armenia for the terror in Ganja will be difficult. The Armenian side will not be able to intimidate the civilian population. Ganja residents are not afraid of anything. Victory is ours," Aliyev said.

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