Azerbaijan detained 41 foreigners over violating state border last month

Over February of 2024, the State Border Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan has continued measures to ensure reliable protection of the state border, and fight against, smuggling, illegal migration, and illegal circulation of narcotic drugs, the State Border Service told SİA.

According to the information, during the last month, 41 people including citizens were detained for violating the state border, 12 of them were citizens of Azerbaijan, 11 from Pakistan, 7 from Iran, 3 from Algeria, 3 from Sri Lanka, 2 from India, 2 from Morocco and 1 was the citizen of Iraq.

Within the framework of combat against illegal migration, 13 people were detained while trying to cross the state border with fake date stamps, fake passports, and documents belonging to others.

833 people were detained for violating the rules of the border regime and appropriate measures were taken against them.

Additionally, 277 people wanted by the Azerbaijani law enforcement bodies were detained and handed over to the relevant authorities as a result of anti-crime measures. 395 people who were prohibited from exiting the country were prevented from leaving, and 16 people who were prohibited from entering Azerbaijan were prevented.

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