Armenia tries to buy modern weapons, tends to delay signing of the peace treaty: Azerbaijan's SSS

"The revanchist forces in Armenia are trying to hinder the work done in the direction of normalizing the relations between the two countries by any means, " said the first deputy head of the State Security Service, Lieutenant-General Jeyhun Shadlinski, at the conference on "Experiences of the Patriotic War" organized by the Service of the Secretary of the Security Council of the Republic of Azerbaijan, SİA reports.

The first deputy head of the Ministry of Defense noted the facts that Armenia allocates funds, which is beyond its capabilities for armaments and army building, attempts to buy modern weapons and military equipment from various foreign countries, and tends to delay the signing of the peace agreement by using all possible means are points of concern.

It was also emphasized that the transportation of military equipment to the territory of Azerbaijan, temporarily stationed by the Russian peacekeeping contingent, and to create opportunities for the holding of various provocative actions there are also particularly noteworthy.

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