"UNEC Expert" magazine presents: "Economics of the Great Return"

The next issue of "UNEC Ekspert" magazine dedicated to the "Economy of the Great Return" was presented to the readers.

18 scientists-experts of UNEC have extensively analyzed the success of the Great Return. Topics such as - the world experience of returning to post-conflict areas, the development of business in the areas of traditional culture and crafts in Karabakh, the development prospects of industry and the agricultural sector in those areas, have been widely covered in the magazine. The mechanisms of increasing the professional skills of internally displaced persons and ensuring their employment, expert comments on the formation of a higher education cluster were brought to the readers' attention as well.

In the magazine, readers will get acquainted with the prospects of the green economy in Karabakh, the development of tourism, smart infrastructure, the development of the halal food sector, stimulation of entrepreneurship, as well as expert research on the Zangezur corridor and its role in the economic revival of Karabakh.

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