Baku State University's Hirsch index reaches 52

One of the main issues of the development strategy of Baku State University (BSU) is to determine the priorities of scientific research in accordance with the directions of development of world science and the solution of important social and cultural issues of the country.

SIA reports that BSU is a structure that prepares specialists, scientific and scientific-pedagogical, engineering-technical personnel who can ensure the functionalization and development of professional fields at the level of advanced technologies and achievements in accordance with European and worldwide trends. BSU also has a base to commercialize scientific results by developing existing relations with industrial enterprises.

According to the official information of the "Clarivate Analytics" International Information Agency, the Hirsh index of BSU increased to 52 (the Hirsh index is a quantitative indicator of the activities of scientists and scientific organizations based on scientific works and references to those works). The average number of references to each work increased to 6.06. It should also be noted that at the end of 2018, BSU's Hirsh index was equal to 35.

3598 scientific works have already been published in journals included in the "Web of Science" database by employees, doctoral students and students of BSU. About 22,000 references were made to these works. During the first 8 months of 2022, 146 works were published by BSU in the journals included in the "Web of Science" database, and about 2,800 references were made to the published works. Let's also note that with these indicators, BSU is again the leader among Azerbaijani universities.

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