Applicants scoring 700 points will get to join the UDID program for free

Acceptance of applications for the University Internal Double Diploma (UDID) program is underway at the Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC). UNEC told SIA that students who join the program will be able to receive a bachelor's degree in a second major in addition to the major they are admitted to. Applicants admitted to UNEC with 700 points will join the UDID program free of charge. Those who score 600 and above will pay 50 percent of the tuition fee for the program.

UDID program is applied from the II year (third semester of education). During the study period, the student's score for individual subjects must be between 71-100 points.

A student can participate in the UDID program in addition to the language of the first major, as well as in other languages ​​(Azerbaijani, Turkish, English, Russian).

The applications for the UDID program will be carried out until 15th of August.

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