"THE Impact 2024" ranking of "Times Higher Education" (THE), which evaluates the activities of universities according to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), has been announced.

The world's most prestigious THE ranking reflects the impact of universities on education, social equality and environmental protection.

THE Impact Ranking evaluates the indicators of the world's universities in 4 main areas (Research, Administration, Cooperation and Teaching) and measures their performance on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.

UNEC is the best 101-200 university among 987 universities according to the economic and clean energy index.
As well as, among 924 universities, it showed a high result, taking place in the range of 201-300 in terms of climate activity. Among 1,681 universities, UNEC ranks 601-800 in the world for quality education, and 301-400 in the world for reducing inequality among 1,108 universities.

UNEC Achievement high results on green indicators, especially taking the highest places on "Efficient and clean energy", "Climate action" is a bright indicator of "Green UNEC"'s environmental protection activity, its activities in accordance with the goals of sustainable development, and its environmental responsibility.

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