Public Discussion Held on Globalization-Induced Challenges and Solutions in "Green Solidarity Year" at Social-Economic College near UNEC

A public discussion took place on April 24 at the Social-Economic College near UNEC, focusing on the theme of "Globalization-induced Problems: How to Overcome the Situation?" as part of the "Green Solidarity Year" initiative for 2024.

During the discussion, Vidadi Orucov, the director of the Social-Economic College near UNEC, highlighted the serious consequences of global climate change, SIA reports with reference to AZƏRTAC.

He pointed to increased natural disasters, floods, and the spread of infectious diseases as evidence. Emphasizing the need for a thorough understanding of the causes of the global ecological crisis, Orucov stressed the importance of implementing appropriate measures to address the problems. Within the framework of the "Green Solidarity Year," he emphasized the importance of every citizen contributing to environmental protection and supporting initiatives aimed at increasing green spaces.

Elman Jafarli, president of the "Green World" Ecological Awareness Public Union, discussed the problems caused by global climate change over the past 30 years. He mentioned rapid population growth, industrialization, and urbanization as factors contributing to decreased forest areas and the emergence of large metropolitan areas.

Jafarli also noted the increasing efforts of international organizations to raise awareness about global climate change. He highlighted abnormal weather conditions prevailing in some seasons as indicators of the consequences of a global ecological crisis. Jafarli expressed hope that the COP-29 conference scheduled to be held in November in Baku would make significant decisions regarding climate issues, sending a strong message to the world.

Irada Huseynova, president of the "Sky and Eco" Social-Economic Development Assistance Public Union, called on young people to be vigilant about the environment and wildlife. She urged everyone to plant seven trees throughout their lives and participate in tree planting campaigns while also advocating against littering. Huseynova emphasized the importance of protesting against all eco-violations, citing successful efforts to halt the construction of a metallurgical plant along the Araz River following international appeals.

Samira Bagirova, deputy chairman of the Management Board of the "Dendrology Garden" Public Legal Entity under the Baku City Executive Power, highlighted the extinction of rare flora and fauna species in recent years as another consequence of global climate change. She stressed the need to take seriously calls for mitigating the consequences of global climate change and supporting initiatives aimed at environmental protection.

Natiq Musayev, the experience leader at the Social-Economic College near UNEC, called on young people to conserve water resources and engage in greening activities. He considered the transition to green transportation essential for strengthening the ecological environment in large cities.

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