Azerbaijan forges ahead with Khankandi-Shusha-Lachin highway construction

The State Agency of Azerbaijan Automobile Roads is making steady progress on the construction of the Khankandi-Shusha-Lachin highway, a vital infrastructure project in the Karabakh and East Zangazur economic regions of Azerbaijan, SİA informs, citing the agency.

With a total length of 34 kilometers, this road will feature a 15-meter-wide subgrade and traffic lanes, each measuring 3.75 meters in width.

The ambitious project includes the construction of two bridges, four tunnels, and 73 culverts of various sizes and diameters. Work is currently underway on the entrance and exit portals of the first and third tunnels, which span 440 and 1,100 meters, respectively, as well as the exit portal of the second tunnel, which measures 540 meters in length.

In addition to the road construction, the project also involves the relocation of communication lines, ensuring a comprehensive approach to the region's infrastructure development.

The Khankandi-Shusha-Lachin highway is considered one of the most significant road infrastructure projects in the liberated territories, promising to play a crucial role in the socio-economic development of the Karabakh and East Zangazur economic regions.

The construction of this highway is a testament to Azerbaijan's commitment to rebuilding and revitalizing the infrastructure in its liberated territories. By connecting key cities and towns in the region, the Khankandi-Shusha-Lachin highway will not only improve transportation but also foster economic growth and social development in the area.

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