An international conference of students dedicated to the green economy is held at UNEC

An international scientific-practical conference of students and young researchers on the topic "Green economy in conditions of sustainable development: challenges and expectations" has been held at the Russian School of Economics of UNEC.

Speaking at the opening of the international conference, which gathered more than 200 young researchers from six countries on one platform, vice-rector for science and innovation Fariz Ahmadov spoke about the importance of the topic of the conference. He drew attention to the fact that modern economy has become an actual field of research, and talked about the events held at UNEC related to COP-29 and the responsibilities of young people in this direction.

The head of the Russian School of Economics, associate professor Mansur Barkhudarov, noted that representatives of the private and public sectors were also represented at the event in addition to science and education representatives, and noted that the international conference will hold discussions on the issues that the green economy poses to Azerbaijan, including the world.

Then, acting as speakers, Professor Yadulla Hasanli, Director of the Scientific Research Institute of Economic Studies at UNEC, and Professor Bahram Aliyev, a full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, spoke about different aspects of the green economy, the issues that need to be solved, and the place and role of education in these processes.

The international conference continued with the reports of students, masters and doctoral students from Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Greece in 7 panel sessions. Interesting discussions on the subject were also held in the sessions moderated by prestigious scientists of UNEC, as well as well-known representatives of science related to the green economy.

At the end of the conference, the creative club of the Russian School of Economics performed an interesting concert program.

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