Columbian Embassy in Baku organizes a cultural event

The Embassy of Columbia in Baku has organized a cultural event in the Baku Marriott Hotel Boulevard located in Baku White City.

In her opening remarks, Charge d'Affaires of the Embassy of Colombia to Azerbaijan María Angélica Steer Varela highlighted her country’s cultural and ethnic diversity.

“Today we are celebrating the event that showcases Colombia's cultural diversity and Azerbaijani hospitality. I would like to emphasize that although the official language in Columbia is Spanish, 68 languages are spoken in the country. One of them is Creole English, which represents the identity of the indigenous population of the Islands of San Andres, Providencia, and Santa Catalina. Creole is also spoken among the island communities of such countries as Panama, Jamaica, Nicaragua and Costa Rica,” the Charge d'Affaires said.

The Baku Choreography Academy presented a Colombian dance called "El Sanjuanero".

The Columbian diplomat expressed gratitude to the Baku Choreography Academy for promoting her country's folk dances in Azerbaijan.

The event also featured a performance by a famous Colombian singer from the Caribbean island of Providence Elkin Robinson, whose songs represent the culture and lifestyle of his island.

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