Azerbaijani taekwondo fighters won 10 medals in Egypt

Azerbaijani taekwondo fighters have garnered a clutch of 10 medals, including four golds in the 5th Alexandria`s International Open Championships in Egypt.

Gold medals came from Samir Javadli weighing in at 58kg, Fariz Aliyev at 68kg and Ramin Azizov at 80kg. Azeri female fighter Farida Azizova also claimed the title of the tournament in the 67kg weight category.

Huseyn Mehraliyev weighing in at 68kg, Sura Faracliye at 49kg and Gunay Aghakishiyeva at 57kg grabbed silver medals, while Vusal Mammadov, Ramin Abdullayev and Turkana Tahirli won bronzes in the 58kg, 80kg and 49kg classes respectively.

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