Armenia's population decreases by half million - OFFICIAL STATISTICS

Emigration is one of the main topics of the early parliamentary election campaign in Armenia, SİA informs, citing the Armenian press.

According to official statistics, the country's population has shrunk by half a million - 553,000 since independence. Currently, the country's population is 2.9 million. Of course, this number not only reflects the volume of migration but is also an indicator of negative natural population growth.

Acting Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan said that the death toll during the Second Karabakh War was about 3,700 people.

As for the emigration data for 2020, this figure was virtually zero due to closed borders.

However, official data show that 127,338 citizens left Armenia, and 63,625 arrived in the country in January-March this year. So, in three months 63,713 people left the country forever.

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