Protesters in New Caledonia did not fulfill the request of the French police to remove the Azerbaijani flag

The French police tried to prevent the raising of the flag of Azerbaijan in a protest against French colonialism in Noumea, the capital of New Caledonia, SİA reports.

The French police demanded the participants of the action to remove the Azerbaijani flag.

However, the organizers of the action ignored the request of the police, they said that Azerbaijan is their friend and supports them in their rightful struggle, which is why they raised the flag of Azerbaijan in the independence action.

As a result, the Azerbaijani flag was not removed during the action.

It should be noted that the flag of Azerbaijan was raised for the first time in the protest against France in the capital of New Caledonia.

In the protest against French colonialism in the capital Noumea, only 3 flags were raised, one of which was the flag of Azerbaijan. The participants of the action carried the flag of Azerbaijan in the front row and pinned it to the tribune.

In addition, the UN and New Caledonia flags were also raised in the action.

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