Tourist flow to Azerbaijan more than doubles

Azerbaijan received 468,100 tourists from 157 countries in January-May 2022, up 2.2-fold from the previous year, SİA informs, citing the State Statistical Committee.

Among the tourists, 24.8% came from Turkiye, 24.7% from Russia, 13.8% from Iran, 5.6% from Georgia, 3.7% from Saudi Arabia, 2.8% from UAE, 2.7% from Ukraine, 2.4% from each of India and Pakistan, 1.7% from Kazakhstan, 1.3% from Kuwait, 1.2% from Great Britain, 12.9% from other countries. Men constituted 79.7%, while women 20.3% of the foreigners.

Compared to the same period last year, the number of arrivals from Oman increased by 505.9 times, from Saudi Arabia by 19.2 times, from Kuwait by 172.8 times, from Bahrain by 70.8 times, from the UAE by 69.5 times, from Pakistan by 44 times, from India by 26.5 times, from Israel by 9.1 times, from the United States by 6 times, from Kazakhstan by 5 times, from Germany by 3.5 times, from France by 3.3 times, from Ukraine by 2.2 times, from Great Britain by 2.1 times, from Turkiye by 2.1 times, from Iran by 1.8 times, from Russia by 1.6 times, and from Georgia by 17.7%.

In contrast to a year earlier, the number of tourists from the Gulf countries nearly tripled to 107,900 people, from EU member states by 2.6 times to 22,600 people, from CIS countries by 1.8 times to 149,700 people.

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