New entry rules come into force for passengers traveling from Azerbaijan to Russia

Starting from September 1 of this year, new entry rules come into force for all flights operated from Azerbaijan to Russia, SİA informs, citing Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL).

Thus, all passengers traveling on these flights must download the "Traveling without COVID-19" mobile application to their smartphones. Then a scan of their passport, as well as the result of the PCR test for COVID-19, should be uploaded to the app.

The application is free and can be downloaded:

- for iPhone:

- for Android smartphones:

- for Huawei smartphones:

The application is optional for:

- the citizens of the Russian Federation

- the transit passengers traveling through Azerbaijan (subject to the availability of flight tickets and/or boarding passes along the entire route to the Russian Federation) and given they passed the test in the country of initial departure

- children or the older ones who do not use smartphones can provide confirmation of the QR code in the application on the smartphone of another passenger traveling together with them.

To recap, when traveling to Russia, PCR tests can only be taken in authorized medical institutions.

The list of approved laboratories is available both in the mobile application and on the airline's official website at

When passing the test, a passenger must notify the clinic that they are traveling to Russia and present their foreign passport. Based on the test results, the application will generate a QR code that passengers are required to submit at the border control point at the airport. Information about the test results will be stored as a green QR code in the mobile application. Passengers need to present this code at the check-in counter, as well as at border checkpoints upon arrival in Russia. In case there are some technical problems with their mobile devices while traveling, passengers are also required to have a paper copy of their PCR test with them. The COVID-19 test must be taken within 72 hours prior to departure to Russia. The developers of the "Traveling without COVID-19" mobile application note that the application will also contain information about vaccinated passengers in the near future. Shor information about the application:

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