More internet and minutes for the same price with renewed Bakcell “Klass” tariffs

Bakcell now presents even more internet and minutes with its renewed Klass tariffs, which provide even more convenience and value to Bakcell customers.

Now the customers are offered the opportunity to get much more internet and minutes for the same affordable price, and enjoy superior customer experience and full potential of the fastest and highest quality mobile network in the country. Thus,

- “Klass 10” (old Klass XL): 2 GB of internet and 300 countrywide minutes, instead of 1 Gb and 250 minutes, for 10 AZN per month;

- “Klass 25” (old “Klass XXL”): 800 on-net and 250 off-net minutes and as much as 15 GB of Internet (instead of 2GB) for 25 AZN per month;

- “Klass 50” (old “Klass 3XL”): offers 2500 on-net and 500 off-net minutes along with 20 GB of internet (instead of 10 GB) and 2 GB in roaming (instead of 1 GB) for 50 AZN per month.

- “Klass 5” (old “Klass L”): 100 countrywide minutes and 500 MB (instead of 200 MB) of internet every month for 5 AZN.

Moreover, Bakcell introduces a new “Kass 15” tariff with 450 countrywide minutes and 5 GB of internet for as low as 15 AZN per month.

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“We are constantly working on improvement of our customer experience, taking into account the demands of modern mobile telecommunication users. Our customers who use “Klass” tariffs will from now on receive much more internet traffic and minutes for the same price and continue enjoying the fastest mobile network in Azerbaijan on even more beneficial terms and conditions. Renewed “Klass” tariffs have just become one of the most attractive, valuable and convenient offers on the entire market” says, Reinhard Zuba, Chief Commercial Officer of Bakcell.

With all the Klass tariffs, the customers get unlimited WhatsApp texting for FREE. Users of Klass 50 get a full and unlimited WhatsApp usage free of charge.

Bakcell will continue focusing its activities on delivering outstanding user experience to customers. To ensure this, the company constantly improves the quality of products and services, all of which is supported by network, which has the best coverage in the country and was tested by the word-famous OOKLA Company to be named the Fastest Mobile Network in Azerbaijan for three times in a row.


About Bakcell

Bakcell offers a wide range of products and services to users of modern mobile communications. The company provides its customers with the best-in-class mobile internet.

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