TikTok restricts state-affiliated media accounts

TikTok is restricting state-affiliated media accounts, broadening the platform’s efforts to foster “authenticity” and limit their influence heading into elections later this year, SİA informs referring to The Hill.

The social media platform announced that accounts “that attempt to reach communities outside their home country on current global events and affairs” will not pop up in the personalized feeds of users.

TikTok started labeling some state-affiliated accounts in 2022. The following year, it expanded to more than 40 countries.

TikTok also said on Thursday that state-affiliated media accounts will not be able to advertise on the platform outside the country in which they are primarily based.

“This is an additional measure to prevent accounts from attempting to reach wider communities on these topics,” TikTok said on May 23.

The video-sharing platform is expanding its push to curb propaganda, something with which other social media platforms have also contended.

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