Turkish envoy: KIZILELMA drone to also fly in Azerbaijan’s skies

The new Turkish drone KIZILELMA, developed by Baykar, will fly in the skies of Azerbaijan, Turkish Ambassador to Azerbaijan Cahit Bagci said at the opening ceremony of the monitoring center for electronic scales, SİA informs.

The diplomat noted that Türkiye is ready to share its experience in the field of road construction with Azerbaijan.

Bagci reminded that Turkish Bayraktar attack UAVs have already replenished the arsenal of the Azerbaijani Air Force.

“These UAVs are already flying in the skies of Azerbaijan and ensure its security. However, Türkiye has also developed the KIZILELMA drone. Soon it will begin to fly in the skies of Azerbaijan. Türkiye is expanding cooperation with Azerbaijan in accordance with the Shusha Declaration,” he said.

The manufacturer of the Bayraktar UAV, the Baykar company, began creating a new KIZILELMA drone in 2020. The first flight took place in 2022.

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