Rain, snow and strong winds to remain today in Azerbaijan

The weather has dramatically changed in Azerbaijan since the early hours of November 16, with rain in some regions and snow in the highlands, Director of Azerbaijan’s Hydrometeorological Forecasts Bureau, Gulshad Mammadova, told SİA.

According to her, the height of snow cover in mountainous areas reached 8 cm.

The strong northwest wind prevailed. The maximum wind speed increased to 24-28 m/s in some regions and 30-35 m/s in Baku and Absheron peninsula. Due to strong wind, the height of the waves around the Oil Rocks reached 4.5 meters.

Severe windy weather will continue in Baku today, with occasional showers. The temperature will be +7 C in the afternoon.

Windy and rainy weather is expected to continue in the regions as well. Precipitation is expected to intensify.

Mammadova said that the weather will probably stabilize in the regions and Baku in the morning on November 17, and it will be primarily rainless.

Mild south-east wind will blow.

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