China not allows evacuation of Azerbaijani students from quarantine zone Ambassador

"At present, we primarily focused on Azerbaijani students from the city of Wuhan, which is the epicenter of coronavirus outbreak," Report quotes Ambassador of Azerbaijan to China Akram Zeynalli as saying on the air of the state channel Aztv.

"We are in touch with them every day. As the Embassy, we are interested in their condition. The situation of students from Wuhan is more complicated since they cannot leave their apartments and dormitories at all. But they are provided with food in canteens. Students in the apartments themselves stocked up on food ", -he said.

The Ambassador stressed that the Chinese side officially declared a quarantine in Wuhan.

"You know that the Chinese government considers it dangerous at the initial stage to remove people from the quarantine zone, but we are in earnest negotiations to remove our citizens-students from this zone. The Azerbaijani government takes the situation with our students very seriously. We hope that the negotiations will soon give a positive result, " the Ambassador concluded.

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