NATO looks to create new special envoy post in Ukraine

The NATO alliance is weighing plans to install a permanent new Ukraine envoy based in Kyiv, SİA reports citing the Foreign Policy.

The plan, which would be unveiled at the upcoming NATO summit in Washington in July if approved, would see the creation of a new NATO “senior civilian representative” post based in Ukraine, modeled after a similar post that NATO established in Afghanistan during its nearly two-decade engagement there. The new envoy would coordinate the alliance’s support for Ukraine, including the flows of military assistance to Kyiv from various Western countries.

The high-profile envoy post would also send a political message to both Ukraine and Russia about the alliance’s commitment to Kyiv’s fight as the Ukrainian government seeks permanent NATO membership to bulk up its protection against Russian military aggression.

Some Western officials welcome the creation of a new envoy post as part of a bigger package of NATO support for Ukraine to be rolled out at the upcoming summit in Washington, aimed at reinforcing how the alliance will take a more formal role in coordinating Western support for Ukraine

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