Hande Harmanci: “We have supported Azerbaijan’s health system”

“Projects related to the support to vaccination process over both COVID-19, and other diseases will be implemented with the European Union from now on too,” said WHO Representative in Azerbaijan Hande Harmanci at the closing ceremony of the EU-funded and Solidarity Health Initiative project implemented by the World Health Organization.

According to her, this project was carried out in 6 countries including Georgia and Azerbaijan:

“However, our projects on the development of the health system have not ended yet. Our first project was related to the purchase of necessary medical equipment. WHO officials noted that during that period the key targets were increasing the knowledge and skills of medical workers.

We were working support to the Azerbaijani government in this field. Our main purpose is to ensure that the country's health care system is highly prepared for any future pandemic measures. We are carrying out measures held in the health system namely with state agencies so that the works are done are permanent and lasting. We have always supported Azerbaijan’s health system and our cooperation will continue in this field from now on.”

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