Bloomberg: Richest countries top recipients of COVID vaccines

As of April 8, 40 percent of the COVID vaccines administered globally have gone to people in 27 wealthy nations that represent 11 percent of the global population, according to an analysis of data collected by the Bloomberg Vaccine Tracker, SİA informs.

Countries making up the least-wealthy 11 percent have gotten just 1.6 percent of Covid-19 vaccines administered so far.

In other words, countries with the highest incomes are vaccinating 25 times faster than those with the lowest.

Bloomberg’s database of Covid-19 vaccinations has tracked more than 726 million doses administered in 154 countries.

The US, for example, has 24 percent of the world’s vaccinations but just 4.3 percent of the population, while Pakistan has 0.1 percent of the vaccine coverage for 2.7 percent of the global population.

The pattern is repeated across the globe and follows efforts by wealthy countries to pre-purchase billions of doses of vaccines, enough to cover their populations several times over, according to a separate analysis of vaccine deals.

The US is on track to cover 75 percent of its residents in the next three months. Meanwhile, nearly half of countries still haven’t reached 1 percent of their populations.

The disparity calculations don’t include more than 40 countries, mostly among the world’s poorest, that don’t yet have public vaccination data. Those uncharted countries represent almost 8 percent of the global population.

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