Russia Higher School of Economics organizes training of improvement of professional skill for UNEC lecturers

National Research University – Higher School of Economics has organized online improvement of professional skill training for lecturers of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC).

20 teachers of UNEC Russian School of Economics took part in the trainings organized within the framework of the dual diploma program signed between UNEC and Russian Higher School of Economics NRU. The two-week UNEC-funded training has been organized for UNEC lecturers who will teach subjects of dual degree program between the two universities.

The trainings conducted by the teachers of Russia Higher School of Economics were on modern teaching methods of the subjects "Introduction to Economics", "Linear Algebra and Mathematical Analysis", the interaction of the subjects with the next subjects in the curriculum, teaching features of subject topics and other topics.

The two-week courses were successfully completed and teachers were assessed. 20 UNEC teachers have received special certificates from Russian Higher School of Economics NRU. Teachers have got the opportunity to teach subjects of the dual degree program of UNEC and Russian Higher School of Economics.

It should be noted that on May 12, 2020 dual diploma program was signed between the rector of UNEC, Professor Adalat Muradov and the rector of Russia Higher School of Economics NRU Yaroslav Kuzminov at the bachelor's degree on "Finance", "Accounting", "Economics", "Marketing" and "Management". According to the program, students will join the dual degree program from the second semester of the first year. Upon successful completion of the program, UNEC bachelors will receive a diploma from both universities for 4 years.

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