Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan to Conduct Student Exchange Program in Equal Numbers

The issue of a student exchange program between Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan was discussed at the meeting of the Education and Science Committee of the Azerbaijani Parliament on May 13.

Based on amendments to the 2017 cooperation agreement in the field of education between Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, the two countries will conduct an exchange of 12 students in bachelor's, master's, doctoral, and residency programs.

As per Article 4 of the document, each year the parties will exchange 3 students in bachelor's programs, 5 in master's programs, 2 in doctoral programs, and 2 in basic medical education and residency programs.

According to Article 6 of the draft law, the accepting party of the student exchange provides the list of their specialties by April 1 each year. The sending party must, by no later than May 30, send the necessary documents for the candidates for education.

The draft law on the approval of the "Protocol on Amendments to the Agreement on Cooperation in the Field of Education between the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated April 3, 2017" finds reflection in its 7 articles. According to the document, the parties are developing cooperation in the field of higher education in Azerbaijan and post-secondary education in Kazakhstan based on equality and mutual benefit in accordance with their national legislation. They provide mutual assistance to each other.

Article 7 of the draft law specifies that this protocol is an integral part of the agreement and enters into force in accordance with the provisions specified in Article 9 of the agreement. It is void upon the repeal of the agreement.

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