Education will be free of charge at Karabakh University, says minister

The admission plan to Karabakh University has been approved, Azerbaijan's Minister of Science and Education Emin Amrullayev told reporters.

The minister reminded the academic year at the university is planned to start in September: "Infrastructural work is ongoing at the university. The main work related to the dormitory, educational building and its surroundings will be finished by the end of June. In general, the process will continue until August. It is predicted that 1,200 students will study at Karabakh University. Education will be free for all students."

Amrullayev added that work is underway to provide additional scholarships to students successful in each specialty: "At the same time, each student will be provided with a computer. The rector of the university is yet to be appointed."

According to the minister, the admission of three program heads to the university has already ended, and the results will be announced this week: "There will be an exchange with the teaching staff of local higher education institutions."

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