State Examination Center conducts exit exam for 11th grade across 30 cities and regions


The State Examination Center (SEC) organized the comprehensive exit exam for the 11th-grade students on March 3, the SEC told SIA.

The exam took place in 30 cities and regions, with a total of 52,267 students participating. Across the designated exam venues in these cities and regions, a total of 222 exam buildings and 3,941 exam halls were allocated for the smooth conduct of the exams. To manage the exams, 222 general exam coordinators, 610 exam supervisors, 4,899 invigilators, 676 exit exam regime employees (security), and 222 building representatives were designated.

At the Talish village full secondary school in the Aghdash region, an exit exam was conducted today, marking the first such exam organized by the State Examination Center in the liberated Aghdash region.

A total of 36 students with limited health capabilities, including those with visual, cerebral, hearing impairments, and others, participated in the exam. Special rooms were allocated in the exam buildings for these students to comfortably take the exam.

Individual monitors were appointed for individuals with visual impairments, where organ functions were compromised by 81-100 percent.

Preliminary information reveals that two students were excluded from the exam for possessing mobile phones, and one for having a smartwatch. Investigations are ongoing regarding these cases.

Students who failed to bring the required documents, such as forgetting their ID cards at home, expired identification, or presenting a document confirming identity without a photo, were also present during the exam.

It was emphasized that for future exams, participating students should be mindful of their documents, bringing the exit sheet and the original document confirming identity (for students without a photo on their ID cards, alongside other documents provided by the educational institution).

Starting from March 4, the SEC will commence the processing of exam protocols and answer sheets.

Given the time required for the verification of open-ended assignments that demand written responses, it is planned to announce the results within the next four weeks.

After completing the exit exams for the first time, participants are allowed to take their question booklets with them. The answers to the test assignments (both closed and codable open-ended) used in the exams are immediately posted on the Center's website.

Participants, as well as parents, teachers, and experts, can access the electronic version (in PDF format) of the explanations for the test assignments through the "Services" section of the SEC's website > "E-services" > "Sale of electronic versions of SEC publications" > "Explanation of test assignments" service by making a payment. (Service link:

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