Press: Russia helped to reach an agreement on the road passing through the Zangazur corridor

"Russia helped Azerbaijan and Armenia reach an agreement on a highway passing through the Zangazur corridor," Izvestia newspaper said citing an unnamed high-ranking source, APA reports.

"Azerbaijan and Armenia have reached an agreement on the railway to Nakhchivan in the autumn of last year. As for the road, Yerevan took a long break. However, Deputy Prime Ministers agreed on the future route except for the 6-kilometer section of the road at the last meeting on June 3.

There are mountains in that 6-kilometer section, and the Russian company Avtodor sent experts to the area to provide them with simple engineering solutions," the source said.

It was noted that the road will pass along the Araz River in the territory of Armenia, and the roads from the Soviet-era connecting Nakhchivan with the Zangilan district until 1992 will be used for the remaining part.

These roads remain along the entire border and only the part of the border between Armenia and Nakhchivan exists.

The source also said that Yerevan accelerated the negotiation process after Azerbaijan and Iran signed a memorandum on the construction of a road from the Eastern Zangazur economic region to Iran in Baku in March this year.

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