CÀSÀ hosts National Culinary Congress

The National Culinary Congress was organized by the Association of Culinary Specialists of Azerbaijan and the National Culinary Center of Azerbaijan.

The event was attended by representatives of state institutions, organizations and companies working in the fields of culinary, public catering and food industry.

In his speech at the Congress, the Chairman of the Board of the Small and Medium Business Development Agency, Orkhan Mammadov, noted that agriculture and food industry are among the sectors where micro, small and medium business entities operate more. He stated that the development of the culinary field encourages the creation of new business entities in the direction of tourism and public catering and the rapid development of these fields.

"The Agency supports SMEs operating in these areas within the framework of various services and mechanisms. KOBIA organizes special stands for SMEs at various local and international exhibitions and festivals, providing them with the opportunity to display their products completely free of charge. In addition, internal market research support mechanism can be used in restaurant and cafe business as well," the chairman added.

The chairman of KOBIA noted the importance of such events in the development of new cooperation between local businesses operating in the relevant field, especially micro and small business subjects, as well as public catering workers.

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