President: International community turned a blind eye on humanitarian catastrophe of Azerbaijani people

The international community decided in a way to turn a blind eye on humanitarian catastrophe of Azerbaijani people, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said at the opening of the First Azerbaijan National Urban Forum in Aghdam, SİA informs.

"The most regrettable is that the structure which had a mandate from OSCE - so-called Minsk Group and its co-chairs visited the occupied territories many times, witnessed the brutal devastation of all the cities and villages, witnessed the illegal settlement of Armenians on our lands but did not condemn Armenia.

Throughout 28 years of their so-called activity there was not a single word of condemnation of Armenia by them. And, of course, now when we see some efforts to revitalize this Minsk Group we, of course, cannot be supportive to that because they did nothing to implement their mandate. The only thing they did is to certain degree to legitimize the Armenian aggression. They tried to create a balance between aggressor and victim of aggression," the head of state said.

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