The modern civilization predicted to collapse in the United States

Journalist Jesse Watters said that the modern globalized world will collapse due to economic reasons.

He said this in a statement to Fox News, SIA reports citing Russian websites.

Watters predicted that the modern world would collapse due to lack of food and energy resources. He does not rule out that this process has already begun.

The host of the program recalled the food crisis in Sri Lanka, Peru. He noted that this problem can affect any country.

The presenter added that the United States has maintained the functioning of the global world order, and the US Navy has maintained shipping. But now the country is facing the loss of this ability.

Watters' interlocutor, Peter Zeyhan, author of The End of the World Is Just the Beginning, added that the United States is losing its commitment to its previous course.

"We have wasted all our previous efforts. We currently have 14 aircraft carriers in service, and a few more are on the way - enough to destroy one country. However, about 800 destroyers are needed to patrol the oceans to protect marine trade, and there are only 70 of them."

This was stated by Peter Zeyhan.

Earlier, Russia's ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov, said that the American-centered model of world order was in decline. He presented it as the beginning of the current crisis.

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