Karabakh War showed importance of solidarity in information warfare, Erdogan says

Rumours and misinformation spread during the Second Karabakh War showed the importance of solidarity in this matter, President of Turkiye, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said in a video message addressed to the 4th Meeting of the Ministers and High Officials in charge of Media and Information of the Organization of Turkic States in Istanbul, SİA informs.

According to him, the 44-day fight was difficult.

"This experience once again shows that the media, the "fourth power", has become a tool of manipulation in the hands of some forces," President said. "Each of us now sees very concretely that according to some, the media is needed to distort the truth, to hide the truth.

Digital fascism today has become a threat that restricts the right of millions of people to get accurate information. It is difficult to find and defend the truth on social media, where there are no ethical values. I hope that the relations among the Turkic-speaking countries in the fight against misinformation and information security will further expand."

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