Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan agree to boost bilateral trade to $10 billion

Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan have reached an agreement to elevate their bilateral trade to $10 billion.

Uzbekistan's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bakhtiyar Saidov, made his first official visit to Kazakhstan, where he met with Murat Nurtileu, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan, in the capital city of Astana, SIA reports with reference to foreign media.

The two ministers held direct and inter-delegation talks, followed by a joint press conference.

During the press conference, Murat Nurtileu stated that the historic agreements signed in 2022 regarding the elevation of relations and the determination of borders between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan have opened a new chapter in the mutual activities of the two countries. He said, "The agreements reached between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan also impact stability and development in the Central Asian region. There are currently no unresolved issues between the two countries, and we are confident that this positive trend will continue in the future."

Nurtileu highlighted the continuous growth in mutual trade between the two nations and announced the agreement to boost bilateral trade to $10 billion. He added, "Discussions included essential issues for the peoples of the region, such as water and energy, as well as projects to enhance transportation potential through the construction of new railway lines."

"I assured them that we will work towards facilitating the passage of Uzbekistan's freight vehicles across our borders," Nurtileu emphasized.

Uzbekistan's Minister of Foreign Affairs, B. Saidov, expressed satisfaction with the highly productive nature of the meetings and stated, "We anticipate that this year will be filled with mutual visits between our leaders."

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