Yulia Navalnaya vows to continue husband Alexey Navalny's work

Yulia Navalnaya has made a statement through an appeal, announcing her intention to carry on the work of her husband, Alexey Navalny.

Yulia Navalnaya mentioned this in her first video on her X social media account, promising to discuss the reasons behind the recent events involving Navalny in the near future, SIA reports.

"I will continue Navalny's work. I will continue the fight for our country," emphasized the political figure, urging her supporters to persist in the battle against corruption, injustice, and war.

In the video, the life partner of the politician highlights that the hope of Russians for a different future has been taken away from them, emphasizing the potential that Navalny and the country held.

Video concludes with footage and a quote from Alexey Navalny: "For the city to win, good people need to be inactive."

Earlier, during her speech at the Munich Security Conference, Yulia Navalnaya called on the global community to unite and defeat the "terrifying regime currently present in Russia."

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