FSB to oblige Internet companies to store data on means of geolocation

The Federal Security Service has proposed decree forcing major Internet services to store a user's geolocation

The Federal Security Service (FSB) has developed a draft government decree that will oblige organizers of the dissemination of information (ORI) to store and provide upon request information about the client’s geolocation and means of payment.

The document was published on portal draft legal acts, SIA reports with reference to foreign media.

“The absence of a normatively established obligation to store and provide the specified category of information to the federal security service agencies creates ambiguous law enforcement practice, reduces the effectiveness of operational intelligence activities, and negatively affects the security of the Russian Federation,” the document says.

From July 1, 2018, organizers of the dissemination of information under the “Yarovaya Law” must store correspondence, audio and video messages of users for six months, and also provide them at the request of intelligence services.

Now in ARI registry more than 200 organizations and media. This register, for example, includes the Yandex company with its Yandex Mail and Yandex Maps services; “VKontakte”, “Mamba”, “Odnoklassniki”; as well as banks, for example Sberbank.

From September 1 came into force government decree obliging passenger taxi services included in the ARI list to provide law enforcement agencies with “24-hour remote access to information systems and databases” of users. The list of ORI includes only Yandex Taxi. If marked “urgent”, the taxi must transfer information to the special service within three working days, without such a mark – within ten working days.

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