Azerbaijan begins work on health tourism strategy

Azerbaijan’s State Tourism Agency has commenced the formulation of a health tourism strategy, SİA informs, referring to the agency.

The strategy will involve a comprehensive analysis of policies and strategic methods employed by nations with advanced health tourism sectors, such as Türkiye, Malaysia, the Czech Republic, and Thailand. The aim is to identify practices that can be adapted to Azerbaijan’s context.

Furthermore, the strategy will incorporate an in-depth examination of global best practices in medical tourism. Prior to updating the 2021 health tourism analysis, a thorough assessment of health tourism resources in the liberated territories (especially Kalbajar and Shusha), will be conducted. This assessment will extend nationwide to enhance the existing analysis.

As part of the analytical phase, the primary markets for Azerbaijan’s health tourism exports will be scrutinized. The strategy will evaluate the competitiveness of these offerings and develop recommendations to enhance the sector’s performance. These recommendations will be integrated into the Strategy’s Action Plan.

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