Balloon Festival was held with the support of Nar

Nar is the main partner of the Balloon Festival, one of the most picturesque events of the summer. The festival was held on June 8th-9th in the Shamaki district of Azerbaijan gathered more than 20 thousand visitors.

Nar, committed to expanding its reach and being closer to the regions with its affordable offers, ensured that its customers have easy access to top-quality services during the festival. As the main partner, Nar contributed to creating a vibrant atmosphere and a comfortable space for guests to enjoy the sight of hot air balloons in the sky, including one that displays the mobile operator's brand.

Preserving national heritage and showcasing it on a larger scale is a key focus of Nar’s strategy. By supporting significant regional events, Nar fosters increased interest among tourists in the beautiful nature and rich culture of Azerbaijan. In addition, delighting participants with exciting surprises, Nar distributed various valuable gifts throughout the festival.

Nar brings festivals, music and sports events closer to its customers, enhancing their access to exciting cultural and recreational experiences. You can learn more about projects implemented with the support of Nar on

Nar provides top-quality communication services to 2.2 million customers. Nar has been the leading mobile operator in the country according to the Net Promoter Score for the last 5 years. The mobile operator adheres to a customer-centric strategy and provides excellent service at an affordable price.

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