Kyrgyzstan to limit access to TikTok

Access to TikTok will be limited in Kyrgyzstan, the country’s Digital Development Ministry said, SİA informs via Kyrgyz media.

All Internet providers in the country received a letter from the Service for Regulation and Supervision of the Communications Industry, which asks them to limit access to TikTok in the country and submit a written response by April 18.

The ministry explained that these measures were taken after a letter from the State Committee for National Security.

“The basis for the decision was TikTok’s failure to comply with the Law ‘On measures to prevent harm to the health of children, their physical, intellectual, mental, spiritual and moral development.’ The law defines the types of information that are harmful to the health and development of children,” the ministry said.

The Kyrgyz authorities tried to block TikTok back in August 2023. Then a letter with a corresponding request was from the Ministry of Culture, which mentioned complaints about “negative content for children and the spread of false messages among adults.”

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