“Dinlət” service from Nar is now free!

Nar, which offers affordable prices, provides its customers who activate the “Dinlət” service for the first time with a free one-month trial. After activating the service, customers can choose their preferred piece of music by visiting the dinlet.az platform.

The “Dinlət” service allows customers to install tracks, various melodies, and funny one-liners that will replace the standard dial tone during an incoming call to the Nar number.

“Dinlət”, which allowed customers to show their style, was the most popular service. The updated “Dinlət” service now offers a wider selection range and new features.

To use the service for free, dial *606*1#YES. After a free one-month trial, the service is automatically deactivated. More detailed information can be found on the page nar.az/senin-ucun/dinlet/.

Nar provides top-quality communication services to 2.2 million customers. Nar has been the leading mobile operator in the country according to the Net Promoter Score for the last 5 years. The mobile operator adheres to a customer-centric strategy and provides excellent service at an affordable price.

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