AFFA: Arustamyan showed respect to the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan

AFFA Executive Vice President Elkhan Mammadov has commented on the blocking of accreditation of the Russian Match TV channel commentator Nobel Arustamyan for Euro 2020.

AFFA spokesman said in a statement to SİA that he was aware of the situation.

He advised the commentator to contact UEFA: "Of course, we are aware of this situation. And to clarify the situation, first of all, I must say that the Euro 2020 tournament is held as a single system under the UEFA flag. It also applies to the UEFA accreditation registration system. In other words, the application for registration is approved by the Organizing Committee of each of the 11 host cities of the Euro 2020 Games, and the applicant is considered accredited only after receiving a confirmation response to his application. In this particular situation, if the mentioned media representative has any problems, we recommend that he contact UEFA directly about it."

Mammadov also noted that Arustamyan showed disrespect for the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan: "I must also note that this person has repeatedly visited the occupied lands of Azerbaijan for many years and during these visits did not receive permission from the relevant structures of Azerbaijan. He violated the laws of our country, showing disrespect for the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan."

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