Amateur Radio Station on air for the first time in Shusha city

With the joint cooperation of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Aselsan-Baku company, within the framework of the international scout camp "Wonderland Shusha, Azerbaijan", an amateur radio station, for the first time in the city of Shusha was active on the air in the Short Wave frequency bands.

In the desert conditions of Shusha, a 10-meter telescopic radio transmitter (output power 100 watts) was installed, under the callsign of the amateur radio station of Azerbaijan "4K6AG/P" and "4K6AZI/P", with the cities of Ganja, Kurdemir, Baku of our country, as well as #Russia, #Croatia , #Germany, #Hungary, #Poland, #Uzbekistan, #Ukraine, #Serbia, #Italy, #Bulgaria, #Estonia, #Denmark, #Georgia, #Belarus, #England, #Finland communication was established with a total of 16 foreign countries.

Radio communications were carried out by voice (SSB mode) and Morse code (CW mode).

Professional communicator Ruslan Muradov taught 140 scouts "Principle of Radio Wave Propagation", "Preliminary information on QD and UQD frequency bands", "Rules of operation on radio air", "Morse code", and a number of practical trainings were also conducted.

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