Environment Agency launch investigation on discharge of wastewater into the Caspian Sea

The employees of the Caspian Complex Environmental Monitoring Department investigated the images circulating on social networks about the discharge of waste water from the territory of Bilgah settlement into the Caspian Sea.

According to the results of the laboratory analyzes conducted on the water sample taken from the stream, it was determined that the wastewater formed in the area has a domestic-fecal composition, the head of the department, Nazim Mahmudov told SIA.

"During the monitoring, it was discovered that there are connections to the drainage collector in the area from different places and that the formed wastewater is discharged into the sea without treatment."

N. Mahmudov noted that the discharge of waste water into the Caspian Sea was prevented and the wastewater treatment plant in the balance of "Azsu Ecological Plant" LLC was directed. In order to keep the area under control, the relevant institutions were contacted.

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