30years pass since death of Azerbaijan’s National Hero Salatin Asgarova

Today, 30 years pass since the death of National Hero of Azerbaijan Salatin Asgarova.

On 9 January 1991, the 29-year-old journalist was on her way to Shusha to prepare a story for the newspaper. At the 6th kilometer of the Lachin - Shusha highway, next to the village of Boyuk Galaderesi, the vehicle in which she was travelling was shot upon by Armenian militants firing from at almost point-blank range with machine guns and sniper rifles. The investigators counted 113 bullet holes in the vehicle. As a result of the attack, Salatin Asgarova died instantly.

Asgarova was buried in the Alley of Martyrs in Baku.

The attackers – Arno Mkrtchian, Hrachik Petrossian, A. Mongasagian and Garik Arustamian – were identified and arrested. They were later released and handed over to the Armenian authorities on May 8, 1996.

Salatin Asgarova was posthumously honored with the title of the National Hero of Azerbaijan under the presidential decree No.294 dated November 6, 1992.
S.Asgarova was born on 16 December 1961 in Baku, Azerbaijan. After finishing secondary school, she entered Azerbaijan Oil and Chemistry Institute. However, her enormous interest in literature brought her into journalism.

Currently, a Baku street and a vessel in the Caspian Sea, and the village she died nearby carry her name.

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