“Azerbaijan investigates coronavirus threat during importing any animal or animal product" FSA chairman

“Anyhow, a small quantity of products was imported to Azerbaijan from China. I consider that restrictions to food imported from China have led to neither food shortages nor price changes,” said Chairman of the Azerbaijan Food Safety Agency (FSA) Goshgar Tahmazli in a press conference held in Executive Secretariat of the New Azerbaijan Party (NAP), SIA reports.

He noted that neither live animals, products of animal origin, nor poultry meat has been imported from Chine to Azerbaijan in the massive form before: “If they have been imported, their amount was not so much that prevention of it caused any food safety fact for us. We are able to conduct expertise in accordance with international standards on coronavirus in Azerbaijan from this week.

The minister noted that coronavirus is being investigated in every animal or animal product, live animals imported to Azerbaijan and no suspicious fact has been revealed so far.

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