Why does the concept of beauty and fashion change over time? - Expert weighs in

The perception of beauty is constantly evolving, as noted by psychologist Fargana Mehmangizi in her statement to SIA.

"This has sparked a variety of opinions within society, with certain groups seeking to dictate what is considered beautiful. This trend can be seen in every aspect of life, from fashion and hairstyles to material possessions and cosmetic procedures.

It is undeniable that these forces hold significant influence over society. The concept of beauty is a construct that is shaped by societal norms and values, as evidenced by the shift from admiring fuller figures in the past to idolizing a specific body type today.

It is impossible to predict what will be deemed beautiful in the future, as it is heavily influenced by societal demands. Furthermore, the commercialization of beauty has made it profitable for certain entities, often at the expense of the masses.

We are constantly bombarded with choices and indoctrinated with particular standards of beauty by institutions that hold power over us," explained the psychologist.

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