Azerbaijani embassy: No Russian official meets with representative of separatists

The Azerbaijani Embassy in Russia has commented on the 'working' visit of the 'Foreign Minister' of the so-called regime in Azerbaijan David Babayan to Russia.

SİA informs that the Azerbaijani Embassy made a statement in this regard:

"According to official information from Russia, the presence of the above-mentioned person in Russia on these dates was for personal purposes, so the circulated 'business trip' reports do not reflect the truth. His meetings here were personal, and no Russian official met with him.

The Embassy reiterates that persons of Armenian descent living in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan enter the territory of Russia with the passport of the Republic of Armenia and the rumors about such 'visits' are provocative, aimed at confusing the public and overshadowing the Azerbaijani-Russian cooperation."

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