Famous photographer escapes landmine in Kalbajar at last moment

Renowned photojournalist Reza Deghati faced a threat of mine during a visit to the liberated Kalbajar region.

According to Report, the incident took place on the road to the Susuzlug village of the region.

Deghati went to the area where three Azerbaijani civilians, including two journalists, were killed by a landmine. Service members, including sappers, accompanied him. The roads were in a state of disrepair and dangerous, so the crew had to walk to the scene. At that time, a mine was found on the road - near Deghati. The photojournalist stopped on the instructions of the sappers. Security measures have been taken in the area.

The mine was discovered near the area where journalists Maharram Ibrahimov and Siraj Abishov were killed by a landmine.

At about 11.00 am on June 4, 2021, a Kamaz passenger car with film crews dispatched to the de-occupied Kalbajar region to perform their professional duties was hit by an anti-tank mine while driving to the Susuzlug village. Three people, including Siraj Abishov (camera operator of AzTV), Maharram Ibrahimov (employee of AzerTaj news agency), Arif Aliyev (deputy representative of the head of the Executive Power in the Susuzlug village), died, and four others were hospitalized with various injuries.


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